Over 300yrs. Combined Experience


Original Legends of the Blues


Original Legends of the Blues are nearly 300 years of combined blues music, history and story’s.

Story’s they lived and can tell.

If you want real blues and real blues history from the guys who wrote it, recorded it, and played it every night, then just take a look at what these guys have to offer.

From Grape Jelly, to The Thrill Is Gone, they have been through it all. Their set list is second to none.

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James “Boogaloo” Bolden

4417James “Boogaloo’ Bolden, horns, vocals. From Duke Ellington to the Supremes, to being B. B. King’s band leader for over 30yrs, ” Boogaloo ” brings an excitement like no other. Top notch performer, top notch showman. His boss didn’t name him “Boogaloo” for nothing!! James brings a real story to tell.

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